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Don’t Get Around Much Anymore

Human Resource Executive Online has an interesting story related to my previous entry:

Ask yourself this question: If you were offered a new job in another city where you have no ties or networks, and you suspected that the job would probably not last more than three years (which is a good guess), how much of a raise would they have to give you to get you to move? Remember, you’d likely be trying to find a new job in a place where you don’t have any connections when that job ended. I suspect it would be a lot more than most employers are willing to pay.

Again though this should be driving up the number of remote jobs, but where are they all?

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  • niq says:

    This comment presupposes you have a ‘home’ city with lots of useful ties and networks. Many people don’t – nor is that anything new. The ‘net has offered many of us (myself included) our first opportunity to join any kind of network relevant to our employment prospects.
    Oh, and I’ve worked from home since 1998 – though it’s only since 2005 (and the coming of broadband) that I’ve made any real money from it. Thinking back before 1998, I moved several times but always for work, and not always for better pay. My best ever move in terms of job happiness nvolved a 25% pay cut, being a move from industry onto academic research scales.

    May 25, 2014 at 11:24 pm
  • Adrian Sutton says:

    True there are definitely exceptions to the rule but the broad trend was that people would need to move to where the job was located and were fairly willing to do so but that willingness has dropped off. And it may not be a raise that lures people to move but there would have to be something substantially better.

    May 26, 2014 at 2:51 am

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