Living in a state of accord.

Moving on from Ephox

I joined Ephox back in May 2002 and over the past eight-and-a-half years have had the pleasure of working with some of the most talented, dedicated, passionate and supportive people I’m ever likely to work with. It’s been an incredibly exciting time doing my small part to grow the company from a small team in Brisbane, Australia, though some very tight times to a very rapidly growing team with offices on three continents that’s firing on all cylinders.

Despite that, the 23rd of December will be my last day with Ephox and I’ll be starting a new job in the new year. With Ephox doing so well and a rapidly expanding engineering team back in Brisbane having plenty of it’s own momentum to drive it forward without needing a CTO on the other side of the world getting in the way and some fantastic new folk really driving Ephox’s senior management to the next level it feels like a good time for me to hand over and go explore something new. Knowing the people who will be taking over from me I have every confidence that our partners and clients will continue to receive top rate service and I’ll be expecting big things from Ephox in the future.

My new focus will be outside of web content management and editors altogether, doing some high performance, low latency server side stuff in the finance sector. I expect to be completely out of my depth and can’t wait. That opportunity to be the complete novice on the team instead of the veteran and the steep learning curve that comes with it is a huge part of the reason I’m making the move.

To everyone involved with Ephox past and present, as well as all of the people I’ve had a chance to work with at our clients and partners, thank you so much for giving me such amazing opportunities, experiences and most of all wonderful memories.

I truly feel like instead of working in a job for the past 8 years, I’ve enjoyed having Ephox as a big part of my life. I hope every job can feel that way.

Congratulations Yonas – First TinyMCE Patch

Ephox has had Yonas working on with us on various TinyMCE related stuff for a while but mostly outside of the core source code on plugins for various clients. Today however, his first patch made it through both Ephox QA and the Moxiecode review into the mainline TinyMCE codebase. It will ship as part of the 3.4 release along with a bunch of other Ephox developed fixes and lots of good stuff in general.

Since the code is all in the public view, I figure why not give congratulations in public too?

Ephox Enterprise TinyMCE

The new Ephox Enterprise TinyMCE site has now gone live, a result of our new partnership with Moxiecode, the company behind everyone’s favorite open source editor TinyMCE. I’m really excited about the potential of this partnership and have really enjoyed the opportunity to work with the Moxiecode team so far.

What We’re Adding…

We think we can bring a lot to the TinyMCE community, the things below are just where we’re starting.

Enterprise Grade Support

We’re really proud of the level of support we’ve been able to offer for EditLive! and we’re bringing that over to TinyMCE. TinyMCE gets used in all kinds of mission critical systems where down time costs real money. Ephox’s support packages offer service level agreements to ensure you get help quickly and keep things running smoothly.

More Resources for TinyMCE

Ephox is dedicating resources to help develop TinyMCE, improve it’s quality, answer questions on the forums (even for the free LGPL version) and generally help make TinyMCE even better.

We’ve already had a number of patches accepted into the main TinyMCE branch and are using our build farm to run TinyMCE’s tests across a wide range of browsers and platforms to help the Moxiecode team keep quality levels high (check out the results here). You’ll also see Ephox folk popping up in places like the TinyMCE forums to answer TinyMCE questions.

Quick and Easy Commercial Licensing

If you don’t want to distribute changes you make to TinyMCE under the LGPL or prefer a more traditional commercial software license for whatever reason, you can quickly and easily buy one straight from our web store, with our without a support package.

Express Edit

We’re currently working to update our “Express Edit” feature of EditLive! to make it simple to integrate both EditLive! and TinyMCE with the same set of APIs and have the most appropriate editor for the situation load. Express Edit has been around for a while, but with the power of TinyMCE we think it’s time has really come to shine. With Express Edit you can offer all the advanced features of EditLive! but know that if Java isn’t available or you just need a lightning fast editor to make a quick change you’re users will have TinyMCE available too. Basically, you get the best possible editor for any situation.

Committed To…

In case you were worried there’s a few things that we’re absolutely committed to:


We still see EditLive! as being Microsoft Word for the web. It’s a full featured, enterprise editor that dramatically improves author productivity and assists them in creating higher quality content. EditLive! has been the leading online editor for many years now and we are going to continue improving it as fast as we can. There’s plenty of great stuff coming down the pipeline for EditLive! including of course an improved Express Edit.

Open Source

Ephox as a company may not have had much to do with open source in the past, but most of the people working for Ephox have and we’re big fans. Now we get the privilege of working with the vast TinyMCE community and that’s really exciting.

Most importantly, TinyMCE is absolutely still available under the LGPL, Ephox is even providing a direct download link from our site to ensure everyone knows they are quite welcome to take TinyMCE and use it for free. The only difference between the LGPL community edition download and the commercially licensed options we’re providing is the license information.


Ephox and Moxiecode are working together closely on this venture. Ephox Enterprise TinyMCE is a distribution of TinyMCE, much like projects such as Debian include other open source products. Like Linux distributions we may find and need to fix problems with TinyMCE which causes our distribution to vary slightly until those changes can flow back upstream. To avoid any confusion, Ephox distributions of TinyMCE have an extra component to the version number, for example the current TinyMCE release is 3.3.6, so the current Ephox distribution is 3.3.6-170. This makes it clear which base version of TinyMCE is being used, that it’s been modified (even if only to add our naming) and which build from Ephox it is.

We’ve also called our distribution “Ephox Enterprise TinyMCE”, this is mostly a marketing thing but again it helps to avoid confusion in case there are fixes in our build that haven’t yet made it back upstream.

Questions? Comments?

If you have any questions, concerns or comments feel free to post them below or get in touch with me directly at or by phone on +44 7 525 806 170 and I’ll do my best to get you an answer.

Ephox in the IBM Cloud

Ephox EditLive! is now part of the IBM cloud offering on Amazon Web Services. EditLive! OEM edition is bundled in the cloud offering of IBM WCM. This means you can now quickly run up a new instance of IBM’s WCM system on Amazon EC2 and configure it to use EditLive! as the editor.

If you want to take advantage of the extra benefits of the Enterprise Edition (track changes, commenting, accessibility checking, image editing and more), you can install that as normal once the system is running. Currently Ephox doesn’t have per-hour pricing through Amazon but you can contact our sales team so they can discuss the options available.