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RightScale AWS Amazon EC2 Library for Ruby

I’ve always known you could do a lot of programmatic stuff with Amazon but I’ve simultaneously been too lazy to actually look into it in detail and never really needed to. However, I’ve stumbled across instructions for auto-mounting an EBS volume which turns out to be very handy, and leads on to the particularly awesome right_aws ruby gem.

Lots of useful looking stuff for working with EC2, S3 and EBS volumes that I can see me taking a lot more advantage of in the future.

Useful Link Roundup

I have far more tabs open in NetNewsWire than I can handle, so here’s all the stuff that’s open more so I can find them again if I need them than because I actually want to comment on them or do something with them right now:

When Can I Use? – Useful page for getting a rough idea of the current state of support for web stuff in browsers.  Not perfect but definitely a very good starting point.

HTML 5 Rendering Section – Actually the entire draft spec is a good reference for anyone parsing or rendering HTML.  Since EditLive! does both this is likely to be useful.

Factors That Improve Online Experiences – Interesting research on how user’s navigate web sites and the misconceptions designers have about how usable their sites are.

Replacement iPhone Earphones Review – since my standard set seem to be dying this looks handy.

Google Mobwrite – Interesting looking JavaScript real-time collaborative editing implementation. The theory section is particularly worth studying.

How To Unlock the Huawei E220 HSDPA modem – can’t really see that I’ll need to use this, but useful to know it’s possible.