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How To Report Bugs to Apple

So Sam Ruby is pandering for links in a vain effort to tell Apple that iTunes's RSS support is horribly non-standards compliant.  Of course this effort will fail horrible because Apple doesn't do anything unless there's a Radar issue created and Radar issues created by internal staff carry far less weight and get far less priority than Radar issues created by external parties.

That's right, you can create Radar issues yourself.  Apple has a bug reporter which is the official and the only official way to tell Apple anything.  Don't like the fact that Apple only acts on things that have a Radar issue?  Log a Radar issue telling them so!  Don't like the bug reporter? Log a Radar issue telling them so!  Don't like the way iTunes works with RSS?  Log a radar issue telling them so!

Now here's the kicker, Apple uses duplicates as a measure of priority.  So instead of pandering for links, log a Radar issue, then post the contents of it to your blog and add a note to the top that references the Radar issue you've already created.  Finally, get as many people as you can to log a Radar issue with Apple using your template.

Besides, it's just common decency to report bugs directly to the application vendor instead of or as well as making a big scene in public.

UPDATE: Added link, sorry I intended to do that originally but forgot.