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Why Your Next PC Will Be From Apple

Chris Pirillo has an intersting list of Ten Reasons Your Next PC will be from Apple. Some of them are the typical, run-of-the-mill reasons you hear everytime Mac vs PC comes up but some of them are really interesting, compelling reasons.  My favorite would be:

  1. Knowledge. Don't let platform bigotry get in the way of understanding and appreciating good technology. We all are better for knowing more, and that's something you should look forward to doing – not avoiding at all costs. Bury the hatchet if you think that this still is the Mac you first saw in 1984.

This is the reason I have a Windows machine and a Linux machine to complement my main OS X laptop – it lets me be knowledgeable about the three OS's and to be able to readily make the decision about which is best for a specific tasks, particularly because swapping OSs for a single task is straight-forward. Of course, if you're a Mac user, this is an excellent reason why you should should put a Windows box within easy reach and preferably something like Linux, BSD or Solaris as well.

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