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Scoble, Your Blog Is Eating Comments

Hey Scoble,

Your blog ate my comment. Most likely Akismet flagged it as spam incorrectly. I must admit, I'm not comfortable with the design of Akismet – allowing everyone and anyone to decide what is spam and what isn't seems to be asking for trouble. That said, I have taken to using black lists for email recently. In that case though I've been careful about which blacklists I picked and checked that they all had simple systems for getting back off the black list. Akismet doesn't seem to provide any information on how they decide a comment is spam or provide anyway to protest against it.

With all the spam protection stuff I use for comments and for email, I know exactly what tests it's running and can tweak them if I see problems. Akismet doesn't let me do that and that bothers me a lot.