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Caching in Tomcat – SOLVED!

It took forever, but I've finally how to stop Tomcat adding a Pragma: no-cache header to any resources in a secure context. You need to set disableProxyCaching to false, so if you're using basic authentication you need a valve like:

<Valve className="org.apache.catalina.authenticator.BasicAuthenticator"
disableProxyCaching="false" />

That needs to go within the <context> definition for your web-app. So, within the META-INF (some sources say within WEB-INF?) create a context.xml file like:

<Valve className="org.apache.catalina.authenticator.BasicAuthenticator"
disableProxyCaching="false" />

I found deploying as a WAR didn't work (it seemed to ignore the context.xml), but deploying the exploded files did work and that's fine by me.

Combine that with the awesome cache control filter that Danny posted in the comments and you have a very nice, easily configurable caching mechanism that doesn't cause browsers to download the CSS and JavaScript resources for every single page.

Dear lazyweb,

Does anyone have best practices for implementing correct, useful caching for a webapp running in Tomcat? I'm using container managed security and it's happily adding Pragma: No-cache to everything, including the static CSS file which is pretty brain dead. It looks like I can add a custom filter to get rid of that header and then manage caching myself, but it seems like something that everyone should have solved before so I thought I'd ask….


Lazy me.