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Pub Lunches Are Back At Ephox

When I first joined the company it was tradition that the engineers (and often the CEO, CTO and COO who were in the same country back then) headed down to the Paddo tavern for a pub lunch. Sadly a while back the quality of their roast lunch started to reflect the $4 price tag and we abandoned the concept. With the new renovations to the Paddo and rumors of improved quality we've started heading down the street for a roast lunch and a beer again.

It's nice to get out of the office and hang out with the team so I'm glad the tradition has returned. For a while we've been loosing touch with the relaxed, enjoyable culture that Ephox has always had but we've identified it and it's returning with a vengeance now. The best part is that with dropping stress levels we're also starting to meet our commitments and get more done so it's a win all round.

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