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BUSTED: EditLive! Dynamic

So it seems that our super secret project "EditLive! Dynamic" has been outed somehow. Apparently Andrew Frayling is on the case (twice in fact) but I have no idea where the source of the leak would have come from. Any bets on how long it will be until we get a "Ephox Rumors" (and the associated "Crazy Ephox Rumors") site?

Oh and it's never hard to get contact details of Ephox people, a large number of us blog, and there are plenty of contact details floating around (including my details in the sidebar of this blog). Trying to get information about EditLive! Dynamic out of us will be much more difficult – it's so secret, most of the company won't know it exists. We'll talk endlessly about Rythmyx integrations, and anything else we know about though.

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