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I Love mod_proxy

After my amazingly successful use of mod_proxy to provide clean URLs in an IWWCM instance, it’s been added to my bag of useful tricks to know about.  When you realize you can proxy differently based on the current virtual host it’s a very powerful solution.

My latest use for it was to add name based virtual host support to two completely separate virtual machines.  One machine runs IBM WCM and the other runs Quickr. Both use the same port, and in the future there will be more VMs with different versions as well, so while it would be possible to assign different port numbers, I’d prefer to not have to remember which VM is using which port etc.  The firewall however can only forward connections on a given port to one VM.

The solution then is to forward the traffic to Apache and configure mod_proxy within name based virtual hosts. Effectively Apache is acting as an intelligent HTTP router and I can add any number of VMs by adding a new CNAME and virtual host entry.