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Ephox EditLive Editor Will Change The World

Pangle on Twitter:

Ephox EditLive Editor will change the world. Well maybe not the world, but it will make WCM content easier to format.

I couldn’t agree more. This is of course in response to the news coming out of Lotusphere that IBM has licensed EditLive! as a standard part of their WCM offering. Ephox has been an IBM business partner for quite a few years now and has built up a lot of relationships with their technical and sales teams as well as selling EditLive! as a third party add-on to a lot of WCM clients. It’s very exciting to see this go up a step and have EditLive! as a standard part of the offering. I don’t have an exact ship date for the OEM version yet, but my understanding is that it will come as an update to Portal 6.1.

So to all the new Ephox clients who are being introduced to EditLive! as part of this agreement – welcome. I really look forward to working with IBM to get you up and running with EditLive! and seeing what it can do to improve you WCM authoring environments and resulting content. I’ve spent the last week putting together a white paper to share the experience we’ve had upgrading WCM deployments to EditLive! and a bunch of best practices for configuring EditLive! to get the most out of it.

To all our existing clients, thanks for all your support so far and  we look forward to continuing to work with you. The OEM agreement includes just the base edition of EditLive! so we’ll continue to ship the Enterprise Edition as an add-on, with some big improvements planned for both it and the base edition.  This isn’t an official source of Ephox news and I want to avoid getting any details wrong so I’ll refrain from giving details, but rest assured that everyone at Ephox is committed to making sure that we keep making all our clients happy – especially those who have supported us in the past.  If you have questions, we’ve got a page giving some information on the OEM agreement and please do contact us if you have any further questions or concerns. The white paper is probably useful for you as well.

To everyone within Ephox, congratulations on making such a fantastic editor, from engineering and product management making sure the product is great, to sales and marketing getting the word out and making enough sales to keep us in business and the admin team for letting everyone else focus on their jobs.

Now let’s get back to work and keep changing the world.