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Useful Link Roundup

I have far more tabs open in NetNewsWire than I can handle, so here’s all the stuff that’s open more so I can find them again if I need them than because I actually want to comment on them or do something with them right now:

When Can I Use? – Useful page for getting a rough idea of the current state of support for web stuff in browsers.  Not perfect but definitely a very good starting point.

HTML 5 Rendering Section – Actually the entire draft spec is a good reference for anyone parsing or rendering HTML.  Since EditLive! does both this is likely to be useful.

Factors That Improve Online Experiences – Interesting research on how user’s navigate web sites and the misconceptions designers have about how usable their sites are.

Replacement iPhone Earphones Review – since my standard set seem to be dying this looks handy.

Google Mobwrite – Interesting looking JavaScript real-time collaborative editing implementation. The theory section is particularly worth studying.

How To Unlock the Huawei E220 HSDPA modem – can’t really see that I’ll need to use this, but useful to know it’s possible.

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