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The Disruptor Wizard is Dead, Long Live the Disruptor Wizard!

As of this morning, the Disruptor Wizard has been merged into the core LMAX Disruptor source tree. The .NET port had included the wizard style syntax for quite some time and it seemed to be generally popular, so why make people grab two jars instead of one?

I also updated it to reflect the change in terminology within the Disruptor. Instead of Consumers, there are now EventProcessors and EventHandlers. That better reflects the fact that consumers can actually add additional values to the events. Additionally, the ProducerBarrier has been merged into the ring buffer itself and the ring buffer entries are now called events. Again, that better reflects the fact that the programming model around the disruptor is most often event based.

It doesn’t make much difference for the wizard API, except that:

  • The consumeWith method has been changed to handleEventsWith
  • The getProducerBarrier method has been replaced with a start method which returns the ring buffer. This clears up the confusion that the getProducerBarrier function was also used as the trigger to start the event handler threads. Now the method name is explicit about the fact that it will have side-effects.

Category: Disruptor, LMAX